The 3 Key Parts of a Discussion Post

As an online student, you are probably asking what the parts of a discussion post are. If so, then you’re in the right place. In this piece, we shall explain the three key elements of discussion board posts. But before we do that, here are a few things you need to know about discussion posts.

Writing a discussion post requires creating a coherent flow of ideas on a specified topic. Because discussion posts are linear, you must present your ideas logically and in order. This way, you help readers understand what you have written.

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The 3 Key Parts of a Discussion Post
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In writing your posts, remember that its content predicts the structure. Thus, the parts of a discussion post dictate the information it conveys and how an audience receives it. Although a plethora of guidelines are available for use, apply the formula below to craft the three parts of a discussion post.

parts of a discussion post

How Do You Structure a Discussion Post?

Before writing your posts, create an outline. Doing so ensures that you include topic-relevant content. Plus, an outline prevents you from forgetting the points of your discussion board assignment. Let us answer the question: how do you organize a discussion post?

Well, below are the parts of a discussion post.

Part I – An Introduction Section

Your introduction provides your audience with an overview of your discussion post. Create a compelling introduction to help readers understand your post’s direction, how you will get there, and what they will learn along the way. A typical introduction has following distinct parts:

  • An introduction of the topic or subject and its relevant concepts.
  • A clear and concise thesis statement identifying the purpose of your discussion post.
  • An indication of how you will present information.

Part II – A Body Section

You use a discussion post’s body to present your main argument and its supporting points. Note that typical discussion posts are between 250 and 300 words in length. Your post will likely be a paragraph in length unless instructed otherwise. As such, you must include a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a conclusion. So, begin your posts with a topic sentence explaining the essence of the discussion. Next, provide explanations, evidence, links, and examples in your supporting sentences. Finally, write a conclusion that summarizes the main idea presented in the post.

Part III – The Conclusion

Use the conclusion part to summarize the main argument. Most importantly, your conclusion should never:

  • Introduce new ideas or information.
  • List a discussion post’s critical points.
  • Relate critical points to the argument or the discussion prompt.

And there are the three critical parts of a discussion post! Now let us look at how to develop each of these sections.

parts of a discussion post

On Writing the Introduction

Once your instructor posts a discussion board assignment, you can begin developing the different parts of a discussion post. Remember, though, that discussion posts present your unique insights about a specific topic. You can perform several functions by including a short introduction. For example, introducing the main argument, summarize assigned readings, pose counter-arguments, or analyze a topic.

Once you know the discussion topic, it helps create an appropriate thesis statement. Review the outline you developed to determine the main focus of your post. Note that introductions have two elements: (a) a topic sentence and (b) the main point you want to make. After creating the introduction, you are ready to write the body of your post.

Remember, your introduction’s goal is to provide audiences with the issues relevant to the discussion topic. So, include contextual information in the intro and explain key concepts used within the post. Consider also including an overview of the post to acquaint readers with its flow.

After writing a thesis statement, craft a compelling introduction. Without it, your audience will skip to the next post. Remember that appealing introductions incite and focus your audience’s attention on what you have to say. Good writers typically use the introduction to set the mood and tone of their narratives. So, do so likewise! For instance, incorporate quotes, statements, facts, or questions in your intro’s topic sentence. In this way, you hook in your audience.

parts of a discussion post

On Writing Supporting Sentences

Although written essays and discussion posts seem similar, you might like to know the difference between writing a paper and writing a discussion post? Unlike academic essays, discussion posts present valid points in support or refutation of a point. Hence, composing active supporting sentence entails the following:

  • Using assigned readings or external sources in support of your claim.
  • Presenting points that strengthen your position on the discussion topic, issue, or problem.
  • Provision of points negating a peer’s viewpoint.

When writing supporting sentences, discuss each point related to the topic. Then proceed logically through your argument, from the weakest issue to the strongest. Sticking to the three critical parts of a discussion post allows your audience to follow your thoughts logically. Although different institutions have different requirements, always make sure your discussion posts have three to four supporting sentences. Use individual sentences to convey each point to your audience. While using it, integrate relevant sources, assigned readings, and personal experiences to increase the impact of your discussion post. Besides, ensure that each sentence supports the thesis statement formulated in the introduction.

On Writing the Conclusion

As stated earlier, your conclusion accentuates the thesis statement and main argument presented in a discussion post. Use it to provide the audience with decision making information. Conclusions should also invite readers to explore ideas relevant to the discussion topic. But what does it take to write the perfect discussion post conclusion?

Before penning the conclusion, you must evaluate several factors. Typically, restate the main arguments and motivation. Include an intriguing closing statement that leaves audiences yearning for more. For maximum effect, transit smoothly between the parts of a discussion post to create a captivating discussion post.

Pro Tip: Structuring your discussion posts entails anticipating your audience’s prior knowledge. In this way, you can predetermine which sequence to follow when presenting your argument. Also, you increase your argument’s persuasiveness and the strength of ideas conveyed in the post.

Always remember to outline your posts. Mapping a post allows you to predetermine what types of evidence to include in support of your viewpoint.

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In wrapping up, most students struggle with writing discussion posts. Even so, never underestimate the importance of discussion assignments. They are essential elements of your online learning experiences. This is why acquiring effective discussion post writing skills is critical for your growth. Remember that instructors use a discussion board assignment to assess your comprehension, flexibility, and critical thinking skills. For this reason, consider incorporating the three keys parts of a discussion post in structuring your future posts. This way, you will submit impressive posts that garner your high scores while leaving your peers and instructors wishing to interact with you.

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