A Discussion Post Sample That Scored 100%

Now that we have covered various aspects of writing discussion posts, let us look at a discussion post sample that scored 100%. Regardless of your online learning experience, you could do better if you had a discussion post sample explaining the intricacies of discussion board assignments. Even so, achieving your goal in a virtual learning environment requires investing your time and energy in pursuing your goal.

If you are currently pursuing an online course, discussion board assignments are interactive platforms for sharing unique perspectives with your classmates and instructor. Plus, these forums are memorable and dynamic experiences. You will benefit tremendously by participating in online discussion forums.

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A Discussion Post Sample That Scored 100%
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Discussion Post Sample

Writing Thoughtful Discussion Posts

So, you are attending an online course? Well, that is a plus! Perhaps you are looking out for a discussion post sample to help you write thoughtful discussion posts? In this piece, we provide a sample of a discussion post that scored 100 points in the assessment. As a student, participating in discussion forums demonstrates your comprehension of the link between what you are learning and personal experiences. What is more, knowing how to start a discussion is beneficial, both academically and professionally. As a result, instructors evaluate the quantity and quality of your contributions in a discussion forum. Here are a few things to remember when composing thoughtful responses.

  • Review our discussion post sample before crafting your responses. Just posting “I agree” or “Good idea” is not adequate. Use evidence, examples, personal experiences, and external sources to support your statements. Aim for brevity. Write posts that are one or two paragraphs long. Remember that your classmates will read and respond to your post as well.
  • Keep initial posts between 250 and 300 words long.
  • Next, address all requirements of the prompt, situation, question, or problem under discussion. But that does not mean you should not expand the boundaries of the discussion topic. If you choose to do so, remain within the context of the discussion.
  • Remember, fruitful discussions occur through dialogue. Build upon your peers’ initial posts and responses. When writing a successful response to anothers post, strive to encourage the discussion. Review content on the discussion board to acquaint yourself with your peers’ posts and responses. Then, choose a promising post to reply to.
  • Where appropriate, include knowledge, references, reputable websites, and other resources. Doing so provides additional information about the topic. However, always give credit to sources you use in developing a discussion post. Besides, crediting your sources demonstrates your ability to integrate prior knowledge, research, and interpret what you learn.

Pro Tip: Sometimes, instructors provide a discussion post template. If that is true for you, stick to the template’s format.

Discussion Post Sample

How are Discussion Posts Graded?

Remember, discussion board interactions are permanent records of a student’s activities. Thus, expect your instructors to employ specific grading criteria to award participation points. Now let us look at how instructors assess online discussions.

During grading, instructors evaluate whether a discussion post has met all the requirements of the grading rubric. Instructor awards point using an appropriate range of values. Typical discussion posts assessments use a discussion’s date, initial post’s deadline, a respondent’s critical delivery, strong structure, and presentation of relevant information to measure a student’s participation.

Accordingly, if you want to score maximum points on assessments, use the substantive response example presented in this piece as a guide on how to formulate thoughtful responses. Make sure your initial post is between 250 to 300 words long and formatted as a paragraph. For your comments on a peer’s post, create thoughtful replies explaining your perspective on the topic, and address your classmates by name. Here is an overview of the most common discussion grading rubric and its relevant points.

Grade A (90-100)

To earn a distinction for your post, you must participate several times in the forum. Plus, your post must contain outstanding information and analysis of the discussion topic. When grading your assignment, instructors evaluate your ability to integrate critical readings or subject matter, provide unique perspectives, and clear explanations. A-grade discussion posts deliver well thought out information, insights, and analysis. These posts also connect their content to previous, current, or real-life situations. Besides, always include rich content and demonstrate the practical application of your ideas.

Grade B Discussion Posts (80-89)

Instructors award this grade to Proficient students. Earning this grade requires demonstrating the ability to create posts containing expert information. Just like A-grade posts, always submit your initial post before the appointed deadline. You must also meet the assignment requirements by including relevant explanations, details, and insightful analysis. Link your content to what you already know and include examples of real-life situations as well.

Grade C Discussion Posts

Basic students earn this grade for their contribution to discussion boards. Although grade C posts deliver essential information about the discussion topic, these posts are generally not made in time for others to respond or analyze. Although they have information relevant to the question, they lack in-depth analysis and connection to coursework and life events. Students in this category present vague generalities and commonplace observations. Plus, C grade posts are often a summary or a rehash of existing information.

Grades D-F Discussion Posts

This category represents students with below-par performance. Students who earn the D-F grade typically participate in the forum at least once per week. Besides, D grades posts are specific and rudimentary. They also lack insightful analysis, provide no new ideas, connections, nor demonstrate the application of core course concepts to real life.

Pro Tip: besides assessing assignments, instructors occasionally provide feedback. Typical discussion board feedback examples consist of a sentence or two explaining the reason for an awarded grade. A simplified approach for producing feedback entails summarising the comments, suggestions, and observations you provided.

Now that you know how instructors grade discussion posts let us look at an example of a discussion post that earned 100%.

Example of a Grade A Discussion Post

Discussion Prompt: Everything in life changes positively or negatively. Our perception of life; animals, beliefs, culture, environment, morals, and values continually evolve. However, why do we do it? Or how do we embrace these changes? Are we part of the change or not? What can we contribute? Begin with a unique view or ideas? Look to the past? If so, why or why not? How does the speaker’s perspective contribute to your understanding of his synopsis? How do you feel about your classmate’s ideas?

Initial Post (Signal Words in Bold)

From his perspective, the speaker asserts that habits are the key driver of change in an individual’s concept of life. The speaker posed several questions, including: Is it possible to change one’s habits? And if so, will that affect the present world conditions? We all know the popular adage that it only takes 21 days for a habit to form. However, I think habits take longer to develop, perhaps even generations, to turn a behavior into a habit or culture.

In my lifetime, I have witnessed different forms of social change. Since the days of Walter Cronkite, various shifts have occurred in American society, affecting our society’s culture and value systems. Some are good, while others are bad. This change has only affected a significant section of society, as most of us still believe in the American Dream. For instance, here are two questions that people often ask whenever they meet for the first time: Where do you work and where do you attend church?

The first question is about an individual’s occupation and works while the other deals with morality. Although people think that reality is an accurate portrayal of American society, I think they are not. Why? Because it’s just a bunch of people acting out to gain attention. While America’s culture is not ideal, it is not as bad as others think.

In response to healthcare, I think banning smoking is a practical approach to promoting a healthy society. However, doing so requires changing our society’s customs. For example, schools should emphasize the benefits of refraining from smoking to the body. Another approach involves the provision of healthy foods to school-going children. Schools in my locality have introduced programs that supply fresh fruits, vegetables, and snack guidelines to promote young people’s health. This is an excellent move as it will help children adopt positive attitudes towards healthy living. Overall, I enjoyed the speaker’s narrative as the experience was positive and encouraging.

Peer’s Response Post

Roman, I found your insights highly interesting as I am looking for something to keep me busy during the nights, but I haven’t found one yet. However, I will try to focus for the next 21 days and see if I can create a habit to read each night before I sleep. I agree with your view that pop culture creates invalid assumptions about life in America. Besides, we need to fight its effects on the minds of young people. This is where I think teachers, students, and parents should reorient their perspectives to create better-living conditions for all. This is because pop culture promotes behaviors that are disrespectful and ignorant among the young generation.

If you need a specific topic discussion post sample, you can always reach out to Myhomeworkempire.com. We shall gladly oblige your request and send you some examples. Plus, we have got excellent examples of discussion responses in our catalog of past articles dealing with this topic.


Online discussion boards are excellent methods of engaging students and instructors in constructive learning activities. Besides, discussion post assessments provide employers and instructors with a summary of your skills, knowledge, and adaptability. This is why participating actively in discussion forums is an excellent method of developing professional and academic skills. So, treat the comments and grades received with the respect they deserve. They demonstrate that your instructor and peers value and care about your perspectives. But if you ever feel overwhelmed in crafting persuasive and compelling discussion posts, Myhomeworkempire.com the discussion post help to overcome this challenge.

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