Is It Ethical To Seek Academic Assistance?

Seeking academic assistance is a subject that holds a lot of gravity for a lot of people. Many argue that it is not right, while others share a deferring opinion. It is a very subjective question, and there is no wrong or right answer. However, it is critical to analyze the various aspects of seeking academic assistance.

What is academic assistance?

Academic Assistance is whereby a student includes a third party in handling their assignments. This can be on two-tier levels: primary and secondary. Primary is when a student asks for guidance on a certain question or topic they do not understand. They can ask their classmate, parent, or guardian. The second level is secondary, whereby students hand over their whole assignments to professionals to assist in their completion. There are numerous Academic writing experts that help in carrying out students’ assignments.

Why do students seek academic assistance?

Busy schedule. Many people are juggling a lot of things and may sometimes get caught up in the frenzy. Especially with the induction of e-learning, many people are quite vigor on their schedules. Hence, a student may find themselves caught up between schoolwork and a job assignmentE-Learning. They may choose to seek professional assistance in their schoolwork as they handle their jobs.

Lack of understanding. Teachers and professors cover large chunks of the school curriculum in such a limited period. This can be a problem for slow-learning students. Additionally, these instructors provide assignments on these topics where the learner lacks proper understanding. Therefore, it’s only reasonable that this individual seeks proper guidance from an expert who has majored in it.

Strained time frames. When an individual is busy with other areas of their lives and is covering a lot of schoolwork at the same time, they may experience strained timeframes. This is whereby they are unable to adequately address all the areas of their work. Hence, they may ought to seek professional help to help ease the load.
Need for a third opinion. They say no man is an island, and we tend to seek help from time to time. The same rule applies to academic assistance. We often forget how magical it is to say that we might do with a little bit of help. There are so many experts dedicated out there to helping you with your exams and assignments. Never feel shy about asking for help.

Factors that support seeking academic assistance.

Presence of AI. With advancements in technology, factors such as ChatGPT have been established. These technologies are so advanced to the point that they can write essays and answer complex questions. So my thinking is, if there is technology to help in solving academic problems, what is so wrong about seeking academic help? Besides, expertise help will provide a more authentic feel to your assignments.

Diverse internet spaces. They say the internet has made the world to be a small villageE-Learning. Everything can now be found by the click of a few buttons on our smart devices. This supports the fact that seeking professional help is more than necessary.

In Conclusion

I genuinely believe that seeking academic assistance is a smarter option compared to blatantly failing in your exams and assignments. When you seek help, you get a third opinion viw on subject of discussion. Additionally, you are able to have more time to understand the subject and catch up with the rest of the students.
Always remember that it’s okay to seek academic assistance whenever you feel necessary. At My Homework Empire, we will help provide you with proper and professional service and help you boost your grades.

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