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If you are wondering what My Homework Empire is all about, then wonder no more. This About Us page answers your questions before you think or ask them!


Who We Are


My Homework Empire is an online academic writing platform. We connect learners from all academic levels with gifted freelance writers. Our unique strategy centers around personalization and responsive customer service. It distinguishes us from other agencies. Over the years, our passion for writing ensures that we deliver top-quality solutions to a diversified clientele worldwide. We have a team of writing experts with the relevant skills to meet the needs of our clients.


As an online writing agency, we offer writing services in all types of academic disciplines and for various purposes. Some clients may require help to improve the quality of their writing. Others may have no time to work on assignments. This is why My Homework Empire is here!


Our Vision


My Homework Empire is the go-to agency for students worldwide for homework related assignments. As such, our vision is to consistently improve the quality of the services we offer and increase customer satisfaction. Past success propels us to provide high-quality services backed by unparalleled customer service.


Why Choose Us?


At My Homework Empire, we genuinely care about our clients. Our writing department always looks for the interests of students like a guardian. With us, you access dedicated writers to ensure you perform well in your academic life. As an online writing agency, we have the resources, skills, and proven expertise to provide students with the most reliable online writing services.

As our mission is to offer world-class academic writing assistance, it is essential to know what that means for you. So, here are a few features that make My Homework Empire unique.


Strict Adherence to Deadlines


Typically, student homework assignments have an attached deadline. For this reason, meeting deadlines determines a student’s worth and progression in a course. However, most students find it hard to submit assignments on the due date. Our writing department has the capacity and efficiency to help students achieve this goal.


Unlimited Revisions


As we know, having perfect writing skills requires practice. Experts at My Homework Empire are willing to modify assignments to meet clients’ specific needs as often as necessary. We recognize that tasks differ in specifications. That is why we tailor our services to safeguard students from unnecessary anguish. Doing so is a win-win situation for students and us as well. As a result, students delight in the services we offer, and we achieve perfection in what we do.


Simplified Order Tracking


Our website has a simple order tracking feature. Students can track the progress of their assignments easily from any location or device. This feature ensures that students are always in touch with our tutors or support staff at any time of the day. Besides, this service allows students to communicate any pertinent issues related to an order in progress.


Reliable Services


My Homework Empire understands the challenge of trusting strangers with your assignments as your academic future depends on the successful completion of homework. This is why our experts are more than willing to extend the help you need to ace your coursework. Each day, our writing team approaches assignments with the necessary seriousness for delivering quality work. With over 10 years in the industry, we are in a position to provide reliable services that meet your unique needs.


Besides, we ensure that you receive assignments on time and in the appropriate format. Current and returning customers prove that we are a company worthy of your attention as well. As such, you should rely only on established homework writing agencies.


Access to a 24/7 Customer Support Desk


With us, students have no cause for panic when confronted with unexpected reminders to submit their work at inconvenient hours. Simply sign up for an account with My Homework Empire and contact our writing support desk. Our writers will immediately begin working on your order quickly and efficiently.


At My Homework Empire, our support staff continuously looks for ways to make our clients’ lives easier. We know keeping in touch with our writing experts eliminates confusion between clients and writers. With us, you can lodge queries no matter your location, time, or other engagements. Besides, we always guarantee to respond fast and with the right solution to any challenges you might experience.


Easy Payment Options


At My Homework Empire, students can pay for services using a variety of payment options. Available options include debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal. Plus, we never divulge your private data to third parties ensuring that we respect your privacy and data privacy laws. We also charge competitive prices for services in comparison to other writing agencies. This makes our services affordable for students as we understand the rigors of college life.


Zero Plagiarism Tolerance Policy


Plagiarism of any form is a severe academic infringement. It can lead to disqualification and other academic penalties for a guilty party. We loathe plagiarism as an internal policy by making our internal editing department oversee the delivery of plagiarism free content. Given our experience in homework writing, we have not had issues with plagiarism from our writers. Rest assured, you will receive 100% original papers.




My Homework Empire has a keen interest in the development of our writing professionals. This interest ensures that clients receive well-written assignments in compliance with the homework requirements. We also want our clients to approach tasks as our professional writers do. So, choosing us will help you grow under the supervision of competent and experienced professionals.


Authentic Writing Services


My Homework Empire presents is a legit writing agency. Our authenticity means that all your homework assignments are written from scratch to meet your specific requirements. Besides, we have access to powerful plagiarism checking tools, ensuring you receive 100% original content on every order. Leverage our qualified writing specialists always to present original content.


Benefit from a Diversified Writing and Editing Team


We pride ourselves on having a diversified writing and editing team. We hire only the best writers from around the world. This means that we can assign the most qualified writer to your order timely and quickly. Regardless of your location or time zone, you can have a writer working on your assignment, giving you loads of free time for other pursuits. Besides, the diverse nature of their academic qualifications allows us to extend clients help across different disciplines. From the Humanities to Math, Science, or Engineering, we have got you covered!




All our writing staff is competent in both writing and editing. This is because we care about our clients’ welfare and want them to excel in their studies and professional lives. We are ready and willing to help you earn the grades you deserve. So, excel with us!


Our writing staff -editors, writers, and support staff- must pass rigorous tests to work at My Homework Empire. Plus, we regularly conduct periodic screening checks and special entry tests to ensure we have the best-qualified staff.


Our Services: Assignments and Disciplines


Over the years, we have established a leading online homework writing website. Our in-house team of writing professionals is adept at writing on various fields and can ace any type of assignment. Here are a few areas where My Homework Empire can assist you.


Finance Homework: we can handle finance writing assignments better than your expectations. Our experts can deliver accurate solutions for problems in Cost-Benefit Accounting, International Finance Planning, and more. Avail yourself of our help to score high grades in your finance assignments.


Management Homework: the writing experts at My Homework Empire are proficient in the management discipline, its methodologies, frameworks, and concepts. Our writing team can research current tropics and effectively incorporate them into an assignment. This team can also follow changes in the management field to ensure your tasks are ongoing and convincing to your supervisor or professor.


IT Homework: typical IT assignments require a firm grounding in the field. Without it, students cannot accomplish IT assignments successfully. Our IT writing experts have the aptitude for handling intricate IT assignments which require excellent grasp of advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skills and. Let us handle your homework in a manner that demonstrates you are conversant with demanding IT concepts.


Social Science Homework: the social sciences cover some of the most diverse topics. Some examples of disciplines in this field include anthropology, political science, psychology, and sociology. Besides, assignments in the social sciences require critical thinking and excellent writing skills. Like any other science, social science homework involves a complex interplay of academic concepts, theories, and evidence confirming or refuting claims.


Law Homework: Most students find dealing with law assignments challenging. However, our experts are conversant with the various sub-branches of law, including international law, corporate law, and criminal law. They also have experience in American, Australian, and English Law, enabling them to deliver well-crafted laws assignments accurately and efficiently. Presently, topics such as civil law, criminal law, and tort law are popular in most colleges and universities. My Homework Empire is aware of current developments in these areas and hires writing experts accordingly.


Economics Homework: students who avail themselves of academic writers’ assistance will post good grades in Economics assignments. Whether it is macro or micro economics-related homework, our writers are proficient with all relevant study areas. Rest assured, you will receive the best possible solutions for your assignment regardless of the difficulty involved.


Types of Assignments We Handle


Institutes typically require students to submit various types of homework assignments. From simple essays to case studies and dissertations. Irrespective of how challenging a task is, My Homework Empire experts can deal with any assignment earning you top grades and the recognition of your professor.


Essays: To ace your homework, one needs to communicate an essay’s main ideas succinctly. Writing is like art. One should have a good grasp of the topic, its arguments, and evidence supporting or refuting the presented ideas. Only in this way can one convince their supervisor or professor. Essays typically require writers to refer to external ideas and concepts. This is why students worldwide review us positively for the quality of our essays.


Case Studies: these types of assignments involve the practical application of theoretical concepts in real-life scenarios. Case studies consist of multiple parts, with each section addressing a potential solution to the problem under review. My Homework experts have consistently helped students solve complex case studies. They use appropriate research methodologies when composing case study papers. As a result, they have received rave reviews from students worldwide.


Report Writing Assignments: In academics, reports are short and concise documents prepared for a specific purpose or audience. They evaluate particular issues or situations and conclude with recommendations for potential courses of action. Reports present hard facts about a topic in a coherent and well-structured format. Writing reports requires making its content clear and crisp for readers. For this reason, one should avoid including irrelevant information.


Dissertations: writing a dissertation is the most time-intensive, complicated, and lengthy academic task you’ll ever undertake. Besides, reputable universities globally make the writing of a dissertation paper mandatory during one’s undergraduate or master’s degree course. Usually, students collect data and material as evidence for the conclusion at the end of the dissertation writing process. Our premium rated writing team can offer you the help you need to complete your dissertation convincingly.


My Homework Empire is the Right Solution for Your Needs!

As discussed in this post, seeking the help of an online writing agency is a lifesaver. But why avail yourself of our support? If it is challenging for you to meet tight deadlines, solve complex assignments, or find the time to write, consider hiring an online homework writing company. Why? Good grades in your assignments can significantly improve your academic and professional life. This is why most people hire our services as they want to excel academically and professionally as well. Regardless of your motive, My Homework Empire is the company to help you attain these goals!

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