The Correct 5-paragraph Paper Sample

A 5-paragraph paper comprises the one introduction paragraph, three paragraphs in the body section, and the final paragraph, which is the conclusion paragraph. It takes the format of one, three, and one and adds up to a total of five paragraphs. Additionally, the 5-paragraph paper ranges between 250 and 500 words. However, it can be more depending on your instructor’s instructions.5-paragraph Paper

Here is the structure of a 5-paragraph paper

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The Correct 5-paragraph Paper Sample
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5-Paragraph Paper Structure

The structure of a 5-paragraph paper is the classical 1-3-1 format. All the paragraphs are tied to the main idea of the paper, which is usually the thesis statement, and they flow coherently from one paragraph to the next. Here is a detailed description of the five paragraphs.


The introduction is the first paragraph that you will write in your essay or paper. As the name suggests, the introduction paragraph introduces the reader to what the paper is all about. However, it does not give much detail about the major points. Additionally, the introduction paragraph is divided into three main parts.


The background information generally introduces readers to your essay or paper. It starts broadly and slowly narrows down.

Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement is usually the main idea of your paper. It is usually the main idea from which other ideas in the paper will flow, and it’s the main focus of your paper. Moreover, the thesis statement is usually one or two sentences long and forms the basis of your paper. This means that you should carefully choose and write your thesis. All the information that you present in your paper should be connected to your thesis statement, and you should be careful not to deviate from it.


One of the ways that you will use to draw readers and make them interested in your writing is by using a hook. The hook is usually the last part of your introduction paragraph, and it is an important part as well. Furthermore, the hook is what will determine whether readers will read your entire essay or if they will stop right at the introduction part. For this reason, it is very essential that you grab the attention of your readers by making your hook exciting and luring your readers into reading your entire paper.

5-paragraph Paper

Moreover, you can do thorough research on various types of hooks and find the most appropriate one that will suit your readers perfectly. There are various types of hooks that you can use. They include quotes from famous people, statistics, jokes, metaphors or similes, a short story, or even a bold statement. Additionally, you will need to choose an excellent hook that best suits your paper and make sure you draw your audience into reading every word of your essay or paper.

Here is a sample of an introduction part of an essay

I love visiting many great places and enjoying new and exciting experiences. However, I love going to the beach because it is a beautiful place, you can exercise and unwind. As I walked slowly towards the ocean, the warm sand, the fresh air and the waves of the sea made me calmly recollect my childhood memories and wonder what would have happened.


The body section of your 5-paragraph paper usually has three paragraphs. Each paragraph of the body explains in detail the three major points of your thesis statement.

The First-Paragraph

Your first paragraph should explain in great detail your first point, and it should be the strongest point. Additionally, it should present the strongest arguments and illustrations and give the best examples to clarify your point. Moreover, this paragraph is a starting point for describing your thesis statement in detail. The final sentence of your first paragraph should transition smoothly as it ushers the reader to the next paragraph by connecting to the second paragraph.

The Second-Paragraph

The second paragraph should represent your next point. However, this point is not as strong as the first one. In this paragraph, you will use your most relevant illustrations and examples to explain your point exhaustively. However, you have to make sure that you are always on track with your thesis statement, and you are defending it. The final sentence of the second paragraph should likewise transition the reader smoothly and coherently to the third paragraph.

The Third-Paragraph

The third and final paragraph should explain your third major point in your thesis statement, and it should be the most persuasive paragraph. In this paragraph, you will present your supporting arguments and exhaustively discuss them as you use relevant illustrations and examples. Additionally, for each of your illustrations and examples, you can quote the sources of your information to add credibility to your writing. Citing sources is proof of a well-researched paper and adds value and depth to your work. Alternatively, note that you can also use personal experiences to explain your point.


The conclusion paragraph is usually the fifth and final paragraph of your 5-paragraph paper. It alludes to what you write in the introduction of your paper. Additionally, it summaries your three major points that you have discussed fully in the body section of your paper. The concluding paragraph also restates your thesis statement.

However, remember that you should not copy your thesis word by word but rewrite it in a different and brand new way. Always remember that the concluding paragraph is a recap of what you have already discussed, and you should not write them again. Instead, you use a few sentences to briefly mention what you would like the readers to always remember.

While concluding your paper, you will make some closing remarks and give your final thoughts. These final thoughts can also involve your personal opinion about the topic you have just discussed.

Here is a sample of the fifth paragraph, which is the concluding paragraph

When I want to interact with different people as I enjoy the ocean waves, the warm sand, and some great snacks, there’s no other place I would rather be than at the beach. In my view, happiness, joy, and fun are priceless, and the beach is where it all happens. That’s the reason why it’s my best place to be.

5-paragraph Paper

Structure of a Well-Constructed Paragraph

The sentences that you will use in your 5-paragraph paper should be well constructed. Moreover, it is essential to have a logical flow of sentences so that readers can understand and easily follow your writing. Here is how your paragraph sentences should flow

Topic sentence

The topic sentence is the first part of your paragraph, and it introduces your major point to your reader. It is usually a straight forward statement.

Details or Supporting Arguments

After you have written your topic sentence, you will need to describe it further by giving the readers more details about it. Furthermore, you will exhaustively discuss your topic sentence using details and presenting arguments in the form of examples and illustrations. Here is where you will unpack all your major points and defend your thesis statement.

Concluding Sentence

The Concluding sentence is usually the last part of your paragraph, and it appraises what you have discussed in your arguments. It also ensures a smooth transition to the next paragraph.

Sample of a paragraph Structure

Topic sentence The beach is a beautiful place and has many exciting things

Support sentence 1 There are a lot of people and tourists having fun at the beach

Support sentence 2 Food and great snacks are sold in plenty

Support sentence 3 The ocean waves are beautiful, and they have a tremendous calming effect

Last Sentence Families can have a lot of fun and relax at the beach.

Using Transitions

When writing a paragraph, you will need to add more flesh to your arguments and make them flow logically. You can use transitions to join your sentences and use descriptive adjectives to create a vivid description to your readers. Furthermore, transitions help the readers understand ideas and to smoothly move from one scenario to another, just like the writer intends for them. Additionally, transitions are a great way to make sure sentences don’t stop suddenly. Here are some of the transitions that you can use

5-paragraph Paper


You can join two short sentences using addition connecting words such and, finally, and many other additional words.


You can use these transitions to compare two things while at the same time linking two statements together. You can use words like whereas, however, and many more comparing transitions.


You can use this transition to prove a point or give a reason as you move from one sentence to another. They are words like because, furthermore and many more.


These transitions show the time something happened, for example, immediately, and later while at the same time, they combine two sentences.


You can bridge two sentences while at the same time, you emphasize on a point. You can use words like definitely, obviously, and many more.

What to Consider when Writing your Sentences and Paragraphs

When you are writing your sentences and paragraphs, it is important to make sure that they are well structured and coherent. Moreover, a coherent 5-paragraph paper will be easier for the reader to understand your ideas and follow your thoughts. Here are things that you should have in mind when writing your paragraphs.

Good structure

You should always make sure that your paragraphs are well structured and coherent from the first paragraph, which is the introduction to the last concluding paragraph. This way, the reader is able to follow your idea from the beginning to the end. Moreover, you will need to use an outline to get a good structure for your paper.

Well-Constructed Paragraphs

You will need to properly construct your paragraphs by clearly stating your topic sentence and explain it using your arguments. However, you will need to ensure your sentences are connected to your thesis statement.

Use Examples

When writing your 5-paragraph paper, you will need to use relevant examples to further expound on your significant points. However, make sure you cite sources to make your work more credible


To add depth and value to your writing, you will need to do thorough research on your subject and use facts and evidence. This makes your sentences and paragraphs more exciting and adds value to your readers.

Examples of a 5-Paragraph Paper Essay

There are different types of essays that you can write depending on the style of writing that you choose to follow or depending on your instructor’s instructions. Here are a few examples of 5-paragraph paper


When you write a definition essay, you will define some terms that you will be using in your 5-paragraph paper. You will define the terms from your understanding to give the readers an exact meaning of what you will be writing about. However, you should not quote the dictionary word for word. Instead, you can paraphrase it.


In a descriptive paper, you will need to vividly describe a thing or a situation to your readers. Additionally, when writing a descriptive essay, you will need to use as many descriptive adjectives as possible to create a clear mental image to your readers.


A narrative paper is one that tells a story to the readers. You can use a story and relevant examples to validate your writing. Additionally, you can use illustration and cite sources to give credibility to your work.

Argumentative / Persuasive Paper

When writing an argumentative paper, you will need to state your position concerning a specific problem and defend it. However, a persuasive essay is one that you will sate your position regarding a particular problem and defend it as you persuade your readers about it.

5-paragraph Paper

Compare and Contrast

When you write a compare and contrast paper, you will exhaustively discuss the similarities as well as the differences of a specific subject.

Cause and effect

A cause and effect paper looks into why something happened and the reasons why it happened. Additionally, you will write the events that took place successively.

Literary Analysis

When you’re writing a paper on literary analysis, you will be analyzing or criticizing some literature work like a poem or a piece of writing.

5-Paragraph Paper Outline

When writing your 5-paragraph paper, it is essential to use an outline. An outline will act as a guide as you write your paper and will help your writing to flow logically from the first paragraph to the fifth and final one. Here is a sample structure of an outline


Paragraph One


General Information

Thesis statement

Hook sentence or sentences

Body (3 paragraphs)

Paragraph Two

Topic sentence

Supporting argument 1

Supporting argument 2

Supporting argument 3

Final transition Sentence

Paragraph Three

Topic sentence

Supporting argument 1

Supporting argument 2

Supporting argument 3

Final transition Sentence

Paragraph Four

Topic sentence

Supporting argument 1

Supporting argument 2

Supporting argument 3

Final transition Sentence


Paragraph Five

Benefits of Using an Outline

Before you can begin writing your 5-paragraph paper, you can use an outline to write a rough copy of your paper. This rough copy follows the 5-paragraph structure, and it is the skeleton that you will use to add some flesh to your writing. Here are the benefits of using this outline.

Save Time

When you use an outline to write your paper, you are able to save a lot of time. Additionally, it will be easier to follow the major points that you have noted on your outline. An outline will help you to remember your major points and quickly add your examples and illustration as you further discuss your topic sentence.


An outline is a perfect guide that makes sure your paragraphs are coherent from the first to the last paragraph of your paper. Additionally, you can quickly notice mistakes and correct them at an earlier stage in your writing.


When you use an outline, you will write down all your major points before you start writing your paper. Furthermore, you will be sure to include all your major points, and you will not risk forgetting any one of them. An outline is the best way to make sure that all your arguments and illustrations will be used fully in your paper.


A 5-paragraph paper has five paragraphs. The introduction and conclusion parts each have one paragraph, while the body section has three paragraphs that explain the three major points of your thesis statement. Additionally, the paragraphs follow a structure that makes your writing coherent and enables your readers to follow your trail of thought from the beginning to the end. For you to write well-structured and coherent paragraphs, you will need to use a structure. Furthermore, a structure is an excellent way to save time as it makes sure you are following the correct format. Check out the best online essay help service.

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